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Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance group simplifies data acquisition so they can concentrate on data analysis.  They support every aspect of our business, including:

  • New product/process development
  • Production
  • Our Quality Management System

New Product/Process Development:

Our QA Layout Inspection group works directly with Program Management and Engineering teams to provide:

  • Dimensional and Visual inspection support for each tool adjustment cycle

Production Inspection:

Our production inspection group verifies a product’s ability to function properly in your assembly.

This group uses the following systematic business processes to achieve quality objectives and meet strict internal standards:

  • Frequent gear function verification- through double flank gear checking with a calibrated master gear in tight mesh
  • Consistent attention to mounting features- through ID’s, OD’s of hubs and trunions etc.
  • Verification of all critical-to-function features identified on the drawing throughout the production run

Quality Management System:

The QA Systems group manages
and maintains:

  • The formal Quality Manual
  • All internal auditing
  • All external quality audits, including 3rd party registrars and individual customer audits