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Automated insert molding for precision plastics

An automation cell is more economical than using operators to load and unload inserts and is ideal for high volume insert molded projects.

We supply molded plastic parts with metal inserts, such as:

  • Metal axles placed into the carrier of a planetary gear train
  • Metal shafts at the center of a molded gear

Robotic insert loading and part removal provides:

  • Repeatable molding cycles + low part-to-part visual and dimensional variation
  • Reduced risk of part damage during handling
  • Reduced risk of mold damage from human error
  • Faster cycle times, less labor, reduced costs
  • Options for part placement in special packaging

Our Engineers will work with you to develop the proper insert tolerances to achieve clean shut-offs and concentric positioning.

Check out our automation cell case studies:



2-shot molding provides:

  • Increased feature integration into one product
  • Reduction or elimination of assembly steps and cost associated with post molding assembly
  • Improved quality levels for gears requiring glass filled resins 

What is needed to mold a 2-shot precision plastic part?

  • Precision built tools that can create the intricate shut-offs where the two materials meet
  • Part design assistance to achieve mechanical or chemical bonding of the two materials

Check out our 2-shot case studies: